Living History

17 Oct 2022 11:03 AM | Larisa Matias (Administrator)

Let's take a break from talking about work to talk a bit about history, or rather living history!

Like many places of historical value in the U.S. Puerto Rico counts with its own groups dedicated to living history. Now, for those new to this, what is living history?

Living history is a type of job and/or hobby that involves roleplaying as a person from a specific historical period. It often involves the usage of period appropriate tools, clothing, accessories, etc. Sometimes, knowledge about a specific trade is sometimes required, shoemaking and blacksmithing as an example. People who work in this field also usually do some form of interpretative work, guiding visitors through the life of a person of that era.

As stated previously we have our groups here in P.R. they specialize in the colonial period and do frequent activities here in El Morro (most involving the shooting of cannons). Anyone interested in observing these events can do so by checking El Morro's Facebook page often, where they announce the coming events.

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